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Peter Zéglis

so many emotions and things happening today. hard to get a handle on them <_<

everytime I go to the clinic for my check up I try so hard to have it over and done in as short a time as possible and it is so frustrating because after holding it in for 20 minutes there is no way to escape and you have to talk about how you’re feeling and you can’t brush it off or hold it in like you can on a daily basis. there is someone there who’s soul purpose is to find how how you are and what is wrong and goddammit every time I end up crying ._. but it was basically what I already have been figuring out, the root of my problems lies with my self esteem and with the different things happening in my life it is also effecting that and my happiness. but having self worth and loving yourself doesn’t come over night and I don’t know where to begin.